Vegan advent gift guide – CHOCOLATE! 10th Dec

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Everyone gets chocolate for Christmas, but if you’re panicking about buying a vegan a Christmas present, you might think the good old stand by of a box of chocs is out of the window. I’m here to tell you that chocolate is most definitely NOT out of the window, as vegan chocolate does exist and is wonderful!

Montezuma’s have dark chocolate that is vegan, but more importantly, they have truffles that are vegan. They even have a vegan truffle selection box. Here’s a few link to some of my favourite products by them.

1. Christmas snowmen

2. Orange chocolate Sunrise truffle 

3. Vegan chocolate truffle selection box

Hotel Chocolat also do vegan chocolate and the great thing is they have the option to filter out all the non vegan products. Click here to browse their vegan selection

Check out Booja Booja as well. You can’t buy directly from them, but they have a list of stockists on their website. Their truffles are delicious, but can be a bit on the pricey side.

Divine chocolate have these festive chocolate Christmas trees, or you could opt for their dark chocolate after dinner mints.

Also, I found these dairy free truffles from Hipo Hyfryd. I’ve not tried them before, but they come in such unusual flavours, I’d really love to give them a go.


Hopefully that’s given non-vegans a few starting points. There are plenty of other vegan chocolate options out there, but I tried to pick the ones that I would love as a present myself. Feel free to comment with any other chocolate based Christmas gift ideas 🙂


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