13th Dec vegan Christmas advent calendar

Last month I posted my guide to vegan food in restaurant chains. As the time for Christmas parties and meals with work is upon us, I’m going to repost the link for the new followers. Find my guide to vegan food on the high street here.


Vegan on the highstreet – Food and Restaurants

(aka “where can vegans eat?”)

Going into town with your friends? Not sure what to do for lunch? Birthday bash at a restaurant? Never fear, there are options for you! Assuming your friend’s don’t want to go to a vegan or vegetarian restaurant/cafe (you can also take them when it’s your birthday, right?) there are plenty of places that do have vegan options on the menu, you just have to know how to ask.

Most restaurants keep a close eye on the allergens present in their food and can advise you as such. Ask if they have an allergens menu that they can provide for you. Most do, either at the actual restaurant or online, so you check before you go. However, here’s a list of some I’ve researched in advance. All of the information is collected/valid November 2013. Ta-dah 🙂

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