Vegan gift guide advent calendar – Belated 6th, 7th, 8th + 9th Dec

Ok, so I was a bit too busy over the weekend to do the advent calendar posts, as I was busy shopping for actual Christmas presents. To make up for it, I’m going to be doing  bumper post of various products that I found at Superdrug, all which would make perfect presents and are suitable for vegans. There’s a mix of skincare, make up and perfumes here, but I couldn’t take pictures of all the products that were available. All the products below are vegan and there are many more products that are vegan in each range. However, not every range is 100% vegan as some are only vegetarian, so make sure to double check before making a purchase.

On we go.


1. Spring Blossom Hand Duo

2. Spring Blossom Body Trio

sdduo sdfigcream

3. Flutter Body Duo

4. Fig & Cassis Nourishing Hand cream


5. Flutter Pretty Purple Eye palette


6. Fig & Cassis gift set


7. Flutter French Fancy manicure set


8. Fabulous Frootz Coconut & Shea shower set

9. Fabulous Frootz Cranberry & Pomegranate weekend bag


10. Leafy & Lovely soap gnome


11. Vanilla lip balm trio


12. Colour Unlimited nail set

13. Colour Unlimited eye sparkles


14. Forever Yours perfume

15. Precious Woman perfume

(For those buying online, I tried both of these perfumes on myself and Forever Yours is more floral and Precious Woman is more vanilla based, at least on my skin and to my nose)


16. Pink Inc fragrance box set


17. Studio London eye palette

18. Studio London Bronzed Beauty


19. Leafy and Lovely box set

20. Leafy and Lovely toiletry bag set

There we go, 20 items to hopefully make up for the days of absence. I was unable to find all the gifts on their website, I’m assuming because some have sold out already, but they still have them in the shops. I think it’s better to buy it from the shops as well, because then you can check the vegan suitability for yourself, as unfortunately Superdrug does not put vegan/vegetarian information on their website.


2 thoughts on “Vegan gift guide advent calendar – Belated 6th, 7th, 8th + 9th Dec

  1. Excellent list and idea – I always try to be vegan friendly gifts even for non-vegans as well as I don’t want to contradict my principles or cause harm to the vulnerable just because it’s a gift for someone else rather than myself. So always on the lookout for gifts everyone can like and that look aesthetically pleasing as well so that there’s no disappointed initial reactions!

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