Vegan gift guide 14th Dec – Etsy for vegan men

Men are so difficult to buy for! So here’s a few items for the vegan man in your life, that will hopefully spark some inspiration, all found on Etsy.

Men’s fragrance

Money pouch

Faux Leather Jacket

Hemp messenger bag

Vintage hip flask

Lego soap


13th Dec vegan Christmas advent calendar

Last month I posted my guide to vegan food in restaurant chains. As the time for Christmas parties and meals with work is upon us, I’m going to repost the link for the new followers. Find my guide to vegan food on the high street here.

Vegan Christmas calendar 12th Dec – Mince pies


Do you remember the vegan home made mince? Well, after leaving it for a week or so for the flavours to really come together, it’s finally ready to use in mince pies! The above picture is my attempt. There are so many recipes for short crust pastry out there, just ready and waiting to be veganised, so if you’ve got time to make your own, go for it! If’ you don’t have the time or the motivation to make your own pastry, there is a ready made vegan option available!

Jus-rol short crust pastry is completely vegan, and even says vegan on the packet. You can find it in the fridge or freezer sections in most supermarkets. I got mine from Sainsbury’s at the same time as their vegan mulled wine.

jusroll .

Vegan gift guide 11th Dec – Vegan Mulled Wine


Ooh, mulled wine, a deliciously warming spiced drink. Absolutely perfect for the chilly festive season that is upon us. Nothing beats sipping a cup of mulled wine after a good day browsing your local Christmas market, warming yourself and your numb fingers in the process. It’s also great to accompany your Christmas dinner and makes a nice gift to give someone if you are invited to a Christmas party this season. A bottle of ready mulled wine would make a nice festive secret santa present, for  example.

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Vegan advent gift guide – CHOCOLATE! 10th Dec

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Everyone gets chocolate for Christmas, but if you’re panicking about buying a vegan a Christmas present, you might think the good old stand by of a box of chocs is out of the window. I’m here to tell you that chocolate is most definitely NOT out of the window, as vegan chocolate does exist and is wonderful!

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Vegan gift guide advent calendar – Belated 6th, 7th, 8th + 9th Dec

Ok, so I was a bit too busy over the weekend to do the advent calendar posts, as I was busy shopping for actual Christmas presents. To make up for it, I’m going to be doing  bumper post of various products that I found at Superdrug, all which would make perfect presents and are suitable for vegans. There’s a mix of skincare, make up and perfumes here, but I couldn’t take pictures of all the products that were available. All the products below are vegan and there are many more products that are vegan in each range. However, not every range is 100% vegan as some are only vegetarian, so make sure to double check before making a purchase.

On we go.

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Vegan advent calendar 5th Dec – Fudge Kitchen (dairy free)


Vegan fudge from the Fudge Kitchen! How delicious does this look? Nom.fudgebite  I braved the wind to go and get some at my local shop and I was lucky they had some in stock. It seems they don’t keep it all the time, but they will make it on request, so phone up in advance.

You can also purchase it from their online shop, as well as pre-ordering a dairy free vegan fudge box set, with four slabs of fudge. Toffee fudge is the one I bought, but they also have classic chocolate, maple & walnut and chocolate swirl in their box. A perfect vegan gift for Christmas.

The fudge is so deliciously creamy, I ate half the slice all at once and am now on a super sugar high. Luckily I have a sweet tooth and a big one at that. I’m having to resist eating the other half as we speak.


Vegan advent calendar

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