Vegan advent calendar 5th Dec – Fudge Kitchen (dairy free)


Vegan fudge from the Fudge Kitchen! How delicious does this look? Nom.fudgebite  I braved the wind to go and get some at my local shop and I was lucky they had some in stock. It seems they don’t keep it all the time, but they will make it on request, so phone up in advance.

You can also purchase it from their online shop, as well as pre-ordering a dairy free vegan fudge box set, with four slabs of fudge. Toffee fudge is the one I bought, but they also have classic chocolate, maple & walnut and chocolate swirl in their box. A perfect vegan gift for Christmas.

The fudge is so deliciously creamy, I ate half the slice all at once and am now on a super sugar high. Luckily I have a sweet tooth and a big one at that. I’m having to resist eating the other half as we speak.


Vegan advent calendar

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