Vegan advent calendar 3rd Dec – vegan gift guide @ Lush

I gave a brief introduction of my aims of this vegan blog post advent calendar advent calendar on 1st December. I hope it will be of use to vegans and non-vegans alike. I’m hoping to suggest easy ways to make Christmas more vegan friendly and also highlight some great products that could be bought as gifts for vegans or by vegans. I know I always get asked what I want for Christmas by non-vegans who are just stumped about what to buy me, a vegan, as the usual fall back of chocolate is (they assume) out of the window.  You can already check out my posts on actual vegan advent calendars and vegan mince for mince pies or presents, by clicking on the links for 1st Dec and 2nd Dec.

Vegan advent calendar

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3rd Dec – Vegan gifts at Lush

Lush is a great place to find gifts for vegans, vegetarians, or just anyone who loves bath and beauty products. At Christmas, they make it even easier by bringing in a bunch of gifts that are already boxed and wrapped, taking all the hard work out of the job. The price of these pre boxed gifts starts from £7.25 and goes up to £67.95 for the highest priced vegan box, so you should be able to find something to suit your budget.

They also have some adorable Christmas knot wraps. For those that don’t know what they are, you pick your favourite bath bomb and it gets wrapped up in a Christmas themed handkerchief. They also have some that have pre selected bath bombs, such as a cute snowman. Last year I bought a Christmas pudding knot wrap for my Mum, with a Cinders bath bomb.




You can see all their Christmas gifts here. Check out the Ziggy Stardust category and this box here called “Getting Ziggy with it“. I’m in love (hint hint wink wink).

If you are looking for gifts, you don’t just have to stick to their Christmas range, all their vegan items are clearly labelled, so pop into the shop and take a look. Just be aware you will be approached by their staff, most likely several times, which can be a little bit annoying, but remember they are just doing their jobs and trying to help, they’ll even help you pick out the vegan items if you ask them 🙂

Does anyone else love the Lush Christmas range as much as me? What’s your favourite item? 


2 thoughts on “Vegan advent calendar 3rd Dec – vegan gift guide @ Lush

  1. I was in Lush earlier today! If you don’t want to get harrassed make sure you’re wearing unfashionable clothes and go in while there are several clueless but prosperous looking people also present. I guarantee you will be ignored! 🙂

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