Vegan advent calendar 1st December – Advent Calendars!

Well, it’s been a little quiet here for the past week, as I’ve been preparing for my self-challenged challenge, a vegan advent calendar of blog posts! That is, one post everyday in December with tips on how to have a vegan Christmas. From highlighting various gifts that are vegan friendly, to how to make vegan mince pies, I’ll try my best to be as informative as possible this December.

So, the theme for today is vegan advent calendars. For the first few years when I went vegan, I had to make do without an advent calendar. You could say that I’m too old for an advent calendar anyway, but I say you’re never too old for a daily allowance of chocolate.

There are more and more advent calendars on the market, so without further ado, here are some of the ones I’ve found.

Holland and Barrett

I saw this advent calendar advertised on the television this year. I have not seen it before, so I’m not sure if it is new for this year or not. It is no longer available on the website, but with a bit of luck your local H&B will have one left 🙂

Moo Free

This is the advent calendar I purchased this year, from my local independent health food shop. It isn’t bad for the price, but they do tend to sell out quickly. You can’t buy them direct from their website, but there are plenty of retailers. At the time of writing, Vegan Store still has some in stock.


Montezumas do a more luxurious advent calendar, and this is reflected by the price. However, it is now on offer, presumably because it is 1st December.

Hotel chocolat

Another luxury one and for fans of dark chocolate and possibly a slightly less childish one, but again it is more expensive.


Unfortunately this one seems to have sold out on their website. I’m unaware if there are any other retailers, but I’m putting it on the list for future reference 🙂 EDIT: These advent calendars can be purchased here

Celtic Choices

Same story with this one, sold out already. You might get lucky and find it for sale at another retailer though.

Do you buy or make vegan advent calendars? Have I missed any? The countdown to Christmas has officially begun.


4 thoughts on “Vegan advent calendar 1st December – Advent Calendars!

  1. Waitrose had one moo free and another vegan one as part of a front of store display. I’m lucky because I got given an advent house this year! It has little doors you open to find a surprise. Day one was a fondant-filled chocolate egg 🙂

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