Bonfire Night recipes – roundup

vegan bonfire night

So in the run up to Bonfire Night (TUESDAY!!) I’ve been lurking around blogs on wordpress looking for perfect recipes to complement the best night of the year. Oh yes, I dare to say it.  Unfortunately, it looks like I’m not going to be able have have a Bonfire party this year, but that doesn’t stop me from looking, longingly, at what others are creating this autumn.  I’ve seen some absolutely delicious looking recipes! Here are some some of my favourites, so if you are hosting your very own vegan bonfire night bash, take a gander at the links below.

1. Boston baked beans via Penniless Vegetarian

These look delicious. Perfect to serve with bonfire baked potatoes.

2. Bonfire Toffee via In Vegetables We Trust

A necessity on Bonfire Night, of course, its Bonfire Toffee and its yummy treacle-y goodness.

3. Portobello Mushroom Burgers via veggiephile

A cruelty free alternative to meaty burgers. Eat with one hand, spiced apple punch in the other and watch the fireworks 🙂

4. Toffee Apple Pops via Little Button Diaries

What do you get if you cross a cake pop and a toffee apple? These toffee apple pops look adorable!

5. Mushroom, hazelnut and sage pate via Penniless vegetarian

Something to peck at in between the rocket and the catherine wheel.

I’ve yet to find a recipe for vegan parkin, but I’m sure you can use a traditional recipe and use alternatives. There’s still time if you get on that parkin tomorrow (parkin is best made a few days before bonfire night). You can also try a vegan pumpkin soup if you have anything left over from Halloween.

Are you doing anything for Bonfire Night? What are you planning on cooking/baking, if anything? Oh, and what is everyone’s favourite firework? I really love Bonfire Night!


One thought on “Bonfire Night recipes – roundup

  1. We’re having a small fire in the back garden tomorrow night as it will be dry, unlike tuesday which looks like a total washout (not sure if we’ll go to see any displays last year’s one was a bit rubbish). I’m going to try to nudge the fella to pick up some sparklers even though he says that they’re “for kids.” Will probably do some part-baked jackets to reheat and we have a bag of foraged chestnuts to roast (yum yum!). I can’t name my favourite firework, but I like the ones that fill the sky and change colours as they fall. Oh, and the bigger the bang the better!

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