Vegan on the highstreet – Cosmetics and Skincare

There are some amazing vegan cosmetic products available here in the UK. A wide variety of these are available online and hopefully I’ll be covering some of these in other posts, but for now I’d just like to focus on vegan products available in actual brick and mortar shops on the high street. This is not a comprehensive list and it will be updated frequently (I’m always trying new brands, especially UK based companies), but here are just a few of my favourites.

bold = companies with some or all products made in the UK, based on information provided on each website. Where no information was found, or no products are made in the UK, text is  in italics only.

Amie – I use their matte finish moisturiser on days when I don’t want something too heavy.  Available at Waitrose, John Lewis and occasionally at Boots.

B. – Clearly labelled vegetarian or vegan. Available at Superdrug

Barry M – Mainly vegan (check out the list of non vegan products here). Super awesome shades of nail polish. Also available in Superdrug and Boots.

Dr. Organic – majority of their products are vegan and are labelled as such. I love the Rose Otto serum. Available at Holland and Barrett

Good Things – I love their face wash. Available at Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s

GOSH cosmetics – some vegan products (list coming soon) – available at Superdrug

Green People – wide range of vegan skincare and some make up. You can see their vegan products here. Available at Wholefoods and other health food shops. Contact them for your nearest stockist.

Inika – 100% vegan. John Lewis, Wholefoods (mainly in London :()

Lush – Yes, Lush do make up now, as well as bath and skincare products! Some vegan options, nicely labelled so you don’t have to remember. Find your nearest shop here

Neals Yard Remedies – Skincare and make up. They have their own shops (locations here) or you can find them in John Lewis, Fenwicks or select Boots in Scotland and Wales. They also have many other stockists around the UK (see here)

Weleda – large selection of vegan skincare (list). Stocked at Boots.

What are your favourite vegan cosmetic and skincare brands?  Are they stocked in the shops, or do you have to buy them online? Would you prefer to buy online or from high street shops and department stores? Tell me your thoughts 🙂


11 thoughts on “Vegan on the highstreet – Cosmetics and Skincare

  1. My favourite are B at Superdrug, Gosh and Lavera (loving their Mascara). You also can’t beat Lush for toiletries but I never knew they did make up … must check that out. Thanks 🙂

  2. Great list, I love when I find out highstreet brands are vegan friendly, browsing a shop is so much more satisfying than ordering online I feel. I really like GOSH makeup in Superdrug, I got a few items at the weekend and love their CC cream foundation. They are 100% vegetarian + lots of vegan options too. Barry M nail varnish IS the best isn’t it? I have so many colours. :)x

  3. I am a fervent devotee of Devita skin care and cosmetics. All 100% vegan. Available in most “foofie” grocery store chains in the US and at the Lucky Vitamin site. My friend in Germany buys Devita from Amazon until I can visit with a new supply! Great blog, by the way!

  4. You’ve listed most of my highstreet faves there! I definitely miss the days of B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful – the sister company of Lush that went bust, they were pricey but gorgeous and appealed to cosmetic buyers in general!

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