PETA Bake off finalists and voting

PETA Bake off finalists and voting

Hi guys, the list of finalists for PETA’s great vegan bake off if up, and I made it on there! 😀 If you go ahead and look at the link you can see that’s pretty amazing as there are some super fantastic looking creations that have been submitted, so I’m pretty happy with that. I’ve now got a whole new set of things to bake at some point. I can’t decide which one to vote for (obviously I’m not going to be voting for myself :P). Juliane’s salted chocolate cupcakes look amazing, as do Sharon’s scones for cream tea. I’ve made vegan scones before and they definitely didn’t look as good as hers! This “snickers” pie is making my mouth water as well, but all the entries look absolutely delicious, so go check out the list and vote for your favourite

I’ve just returned home after a few days away, so it was great to come back to this. I’ve always returned to a parcel containing vegan skincare samples I ordered from Conscious Skincare, so I’ll try those out and let you guys know how I get on with them in a later post.



6 thoughts on “PETA Bake off finalists and voting

  1. Congratulations Victoria on making it to the finals! I love the sound of your apple cake. I’m all for ‘healthier’ cakes so yours is right up my street 🙂 I’m going apple picking this weekend, so I’m looking forward to trying out all manner of apple baked goods next week. Definitely going to have to give your cake a try! I’ll let you know how it turns out x
    p.s. So many great entries into the Peta finals. Shame we have to vote for just one!

    • Thank you Sharon! Let me know how it turns out and any improvements you made (it was my first time coming up with a recipe, so I’m looking to learn from my mistakes :P)
      I really can’t decide who to vote for, they all look delicious!

  2. Aww, well done you! I’m off to check the other entries now, hopefully will discover some new UK veg blogs to boot 🙂

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